Teaching kids to eat at school

It’s very important Teaching kids to eat at school. When children enter school and find themselves free to choose what to eat, often end up feeding incorrectly. But you can avoid this by following some of our suggestions. Read on and find how to teach them to eat healthy at school. Also, have a look at our previous post about Choosing after School Clubs for your kids and Getting a place for Reception Year

When our children go to school for the first time, many things go on our minds. Besides you worry if he is eating properly, there’s the question that if he knows to eat alone. These are things we must teach before he enters school. Do you think it is hard? See our tips on Teaching kids to eat at school.

Teaching kids to eat at school: Best Tips


The first thing your child needs to learn is to eat alone. This should happen early, from 9 months to 1 year old. At this point, the mess is inevitable, but gets better! At one year you should already introduce the cutlery to your child.Tips: Teaching kids to eat at school

Start with the spoon, which should not be too large nor too small. It is recommended that the introduction of the fork starts at three years old after enough experience with the use of the spoon. By age 4 can step in the knife, not necessarily to cut, but to help push the food to the fork.

Teaching kids to eat at school by themselves is not so hard, and it is a natural process. The question now is to teach them eating healthy!

The key is to encourage the child to enjoy making healthy meals. If you get your children to like healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, then your path will be much easier.

But how to get them to learn to like these foods? Let’s see!

Teach kids to eat at schoolOnce you start offering baby food and solid foods to your baby, worry about offering more than ever a great variety of foods. So they will get used to various and diverse flavors!

Teaching kids to eat at school: make them plant a little of what they will eat!

Children feel important when they participate in some way of the preparation of their food. So it is a great option to let your child planting, watering, and take out of the land the vegetables he eats.


Another idea is to wrap it in preparing their meals. They like to be involved in activities that parents do!

Another issue is to never disguise these foods, of the platter of your child. When you begin to disguise the fruits and vegetables, your child does not realize what he is eating, and when he goes to school, he will avoid foods that you want him to eat.Teach children to eat at school

To finish our tips, and maybe it is the most important tip, GIVE THE EXAMPLE! Children eat what they see the parents eating. So, include in your plate a huge variety of food, and this way your children will learn to fill their plate with a huge variety of colours!

Follow our tips and I am sure your kid will succeed! It is truly important that your little one feeds correctly, and Teaching kids to eat at school you are contributing for that!

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