School dinners or Packed lunches

School dinners vs Packed lunch

Hi there! Today we are going to talk about a dilemma: School dinners vs Packed lunch. There are lots of doubts on this subject. Parents don’t know if it better their kids lunch schools dinners or if it is better to eat packed lunch. Find everything here! Don’t forget to check our posts about easy ways to plan something for your kids and teaching kids to eat at school

School dinners have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as packed lunches. However, know that the trend is that more and more parents opt for the second option. Why? Find out in this post School dinners vs Packed lunch!School dinners vs Packed lunch discussion

School dinners vs Packed lunch – Find out the best option! 


School dinners vs Packed lunch – It is the discussion of the day among parents. And it has a reason!

School dinners are no longer what they were! It is true! In recent times, the canteens of schools have chosen to serve meals that appeal to children, and often they are not the healthiest options.School dinners or Packed lunch

It seems that fast foods have invaded the school menus, much against the will of the parents themselves, who always expect the schools to look for the health of their children, just as they attempt to make at home.

We also know, however, that is not easy to make a menu that pleases everyone, much less when this menu includes vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Although the standard is that schools always have a fruit option for dessert, children rarely serve themselves from it. Also, the soup stays out of the dish as well as the vegetables, and often the fish.

There are days when the canteen serves fries, fried fish or burgers, trying to satisfy the most “demanding” students.School dinner or Packed lunch

However, unfortunately, they are rare canteens that offer vegetarian versions (one point against), or diet versions for students with health problems.

So, That’s why School dinners vs Packed lunch discussion is current and important.

While leaving our children feed themselves in the canteen is more practical because we do not have to prepare the lunch box, we can not control what they eat, becoming a serious problem, especially for those children who tend to feed poorly.School dinner or Packed lunches

For this reason, many parents have opted for the packed lunch. They prepare a healthy meal for their children bring to school. Thus, the likelihood of their children to feed properly is greater.

Involve children the preparation of their lunch also helps them to gain healthy eating habits. Always include a piece of fruit, various vegetables, and also include fish four times a week.School dinners or Packed lunches

Do not be tempted to make a poor lunch, rich in fat and salt, and low in nutrients. I know it’s easier, but in these cases, it is preferable for them to eat in the canteen.

Regardless of our discussion, the best thing to do is to inform yourself of the food served in school quality, as well as the weekly menu. In case it pleases you, you can perfectly let your child eat there.

In the case of food served not be healthy, choose to make a very attractive and healthy lunchbox! Hope I have helped you with our discussion about School dinners vs Packed lunch!

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