the role of the teaching assistants

The role of the teaching assistant

The role of the teaching assistant will vary between different schools and even within the school. It happens because the teaching assistant needs to supply the shortages of the school and it can vary even in the same school. Let’s see in detail what a teaching assistant does in day-to-day work life to understand what is their roles. 

The role of the teaching assistant: Individual or small groupsthe role of the teaching assistant help pupils

Teaching assistants make a fantastic job when there are pupils who need additional help. Usually it happens when the kid doesn’t have fluent English or have special needs (learning difficulties). In cases like these the pupil need someone that offer him special attention and it is the job of the teaching assistants. But the role of the teaching assistant doesn’t end here!

They help every time the teacher asks them to give some individual additional support. It usually happens when it is necessary to listen to pupils reading, for example.

They can also help small groups of pupils to study. They quickly understand the needs of a class and they know exactly what study area they need support which is gave during class activities or working in small groups, just like I have said before.

Doesn’t matter what the role of the teaching assistant, what is really important is that teaching assistants and teachers work together to get the best  possible results from their class.

The role of the teaching assistant: learning difficulties

There are many kids who have been diagnosed with learning difficulties and special needs. These pupils will need to be accompanied by teaching assistants to supply their needs and support their learning. Some of these pupils are physically disabled, hearing or visually impaired and it is obvious they need a special care and support.

Others have learning difficulties and they need someone to explain them the subjects, to help them keep up to speed with their peers. The teaching assistant is the one who helps them in this process. This fact makes children with special needs be part of the education, it allows them to access a mainstream curriculum, which is very important to their social inclusion.

The role of the teaching assistant: Not Fluent Englishthe role of the teaching assistants

When pupils have English as a second language they really need help to keep up to speed with their parents. They always need some additional support especially in the beginning. The role of the teaching assistant is help these kids to understand their lessons. They can help them to overcome social exclusion because they often suffer with social prejudice.

The role of the teaching assistant: Other roles

The role of the teaching assistant is not restricted to help pupils. They also prepare the classroom for lessons. It may includes photocopying worksheets, setting up the equipment, preparing computers, and so on.

They also are responsible for keep the classroom in good order. And actually they are the main key to keep a good learning environment. They are also responsible for creating displays of pupils’ work. It makes children proud of their work and stimulates their creativity.

Apart of it, the teaching assistants help on school outgoings and school events. They support pupils in order to guarantee everything is going fine, like a supervisor.

This is everything a teaching assistant has to do. They are a very important piece to guarantee the success of the pupils. After all I have said we can’t deny the importance of the role of the teaching assistant! 

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