Preparing for your SATs best tips

Preparing for your SATs

When you are Preparing for your SATs, you need to pay attention to a few things. We are going to give you the Top 6 ways to prepare for them so you succeed! Don’t forget to read also our previous posts about half term workshops for kids in West London and the best languages to learn at school. I am sure they can help you too! 

To be great on SATs, you need to prepare properly for them. In addition to maintaining good nutrition, balanced and rich in magnesium and zinc, have a quality sleeping (at least 8 hours per day), as well as a time for fun (such as playing sports, being with family and friends), you should follow some of our tips to become the best of the best! Preparing for your SATs best tips

Preparing for your SATs: Best tips! 


Preparing for your SATs can be very stressful, so don’t forget to have some fun while you are preparing for them too, OK? Now, take a look at the best tips!

Take practice testsPreparing for your SAT

The best way for you to prepare for the SATs is doing many, many tests. Make simulations with time they give you to performing the test.

So, you are not only testing your knowledge, seeing where you need improvement, as you will feel more prepared.

As you will no longer be dealing the first time with the question of time, the test structure, and questions, the pressure is not so much on the SAT.

Know the test structure

The degree of difficulty of the SAT questions is in ascending order, with the exception of the critical reading section.

This means that you will start with the easier questions, and therefore, you must have that notion that you can not lose the same time on all questions.

The idea is you spend less time on these questions, saving time for the most difficult ones.


When you are preparing for your SATs, do not just rely on tests. You should read articles. For example, read some paragraphs and try to identify the author. This will help in the realization of questions of reading comprehension.

Study that vocabulary

Obviously, you do not need to know all the dictionary, but increasing a little your vocabulary will raise your SAT score.Prepare for your SAT

Write as many practice essays as possible

The essay will always be the first test section, and will last 25 minutes. Therefore, it is very important you plan, write and revise your essay in this time. It is not easy but it is possible!

Usually, they put issues such as justice, failure, honesty, success, or learn from mistakes. So, when preparing for your SATs, try to write about it.

Use Calculators

Although the mental calculation is a good way to increase your reasoning when making your SAT use the calculator. It saves time and avoids small mistakes!

When you are preparing, use it also in order to be familiar with it!

As a teacher, I could stay here forever telling you how you must prepare yourself for your SAT, but it is for me impossible. That’s why I selected these 6 tips. I hope you succeed and don’t forget, when you are preparing for your SATs, BELIEVE YOU!

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