all about Phonics tests for KS1 kids

Phonics tests for KS1 kids

Do you know what are Phonics tests for KS1 kids? Take a look at this post and find everything you need to know about it, and how useful it can be for your little one. Read also our previous posts about the role of the teaching assistant and teaching kids to eat at school. They can be helpful too. You can also have a look at all our posts. 

Phonics tests for KS1 kids or the phonics screening check is a simple and short test to see if children are able to decode.

By taking the test we are able to know if a child needs extra help reading. If they fail to pass the test they will be helped through the following year and then retake the test until it is positive.

And that’s why they are so important for us because we can know if our little ones need some extra help, or if they are just fine.

Phonics tests for KS1 kids: Everything about Phonics


This is followed by all state schools in Year 1 and 2 when kids don’t pass the tests in the first stage. They are delivered by the teachers.

Phonics tests for KS1 kids is a test that is composed by 40 words, 20 real words and 20 non-words (words that are made up). Students read the words out loud to a teacher. Usually it takes between 4 to 9 minutes to each child to complete the test.Phonics tests KS1 kids

Made up words are included in order to see if kids are really able to say them correctly, because they are new to all of them therefore they can’t rely on visual memory.

When kids are able to read made up words they are able to decode any word they are not familiar with.

Usually, when a non-word comes up it is followed by a picture or drawing of a non-existing creature so children know that it does not exist. So, Phonics tests for KS1 kids helps children to realize they shouldn’t learn a non-word and join them to their vocabulary.

This helps children to realize they shouldn’t learn a non-word and join them to their vocabulary.

Examples of words include fish, orange.

Examples of non-words inclide olu, waed.all about Phonics tests for KS1 kids

The threshold in 2012 was 32 words out of 40 (80%) and is probably identical in the future.

Kids should have the capacity to relate letters to sounds in order to say them correctly, whether it is a real word or a made up one.

The words will get harder as the test goes by and if the child gets 32 words correctly out of a total of 40 words they are considered to meet the normal standart if not they should repeat the test the following year.

Children should not know that they are being tested so teachers act like it’s a normal phonics exercise.

So if you are informed that your child will perform these tests, do not panic. They will learn how to monitor your child at this stage of without the stress of a test is felt by the child. Remember that Phonics tests for KS1 kids are done to help you and help children.

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