the importance of music in children education

Importance of music in children education

The importance of music in children education goes far beyond fun. Music is the most effective way to develop a child’s intellect. We have talked to a music teacher, Aureliano Pinto, who is taking his master’s degree currently in musical direction, and he revealed to us important facts about the subject. Therefore, the integral copywrite of the entire document is safeguarded. Check it. Do not forget to have a look also to our other posts, such as the best apps to learn maths

This powerful “tool” has been overlooked over time. Only recently, through complex studies, has the power of music been discovered. But what is the importance of music in children education?

The importance of music in children education

All brain areas are stimulated in an odd way. From the lobes to the hemispheres, everyone is intertwined when we come into contact with music in the student’s mind. Even for the simple listener, the music brings unique and extremely enriching synapses.

So, when we talk about the importance of music in children education, we are talking about a huge range of things. the importance of music in children education

Logical, logical-mathematical, sensorial, psychomotor skills, among others, are contemplated in the student and musical practitioner. From the ability to focus, to the ability of must perception, worthy of a conductor, contributes to the complete brain development in the individual.

It is not only the quantitative advantages that we can highlight the role of music. In fact, the importance of music in children education goes far beyond.

It is also present in the emotional balance and even, we dare to say, in the extra sensory.

From the most melancholic to the most effusive, music is a continuous awakening of feelings and emotions. The states of the soul are awakened by various events that occur to us during life. But only music can synthesise all of them in a faster way.

From Beethoven to Stravinsky, from Mozart to Wagner, and even from Beatles to Elton John, we find in them all a guiding line that translates to exalting states of the soul.


Plato already said that we must first educate the soul through music, and only then educate the body through gymnastics, which reveals the crucial pillar that music is for the construction of the individual.

The music should be unintentionally inhaled from the fetus. It is at this stage, literally embryonary, that music begins to do its first wonders.

There are many studies that attest to the power that music has at this stage, but the same stimulation should continue in the first months of the child’s life.

As mentioned earlier, music is the basis for the formation of the individual, and the earlier it is inculcated, the better will be the results elicited by parents in so-called “higher” disciplines, such as mathematics and languages.


There was no need to justify the existence of music in the life of the child with the direct and decisive connection to the said central disciplines.

But if it has to be this way, for more awareness, with a simple research you will find hundreds of studies that demonstrate the effectiveness that music has in the development and improvement of all the necessary skills for linguistics and logical mathematics.

In short, we find in this art the magic formula for obtaining highly satisfactory results in the education of children, and adult, insightful, stable, and fit in all valences.

But in the light of Oscar Wilde’s reference, the music always keeps on revealing its last secret. We will wait for it but never forgetting the importance of music in children education. 

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