organizing End of year festivals at school

End of year festivals at school

Are you thinking about giving End of year festivals at school? In this post, we are going to tell you how to give a great end of year festival at your school. Check some great tips to help you giving an unforgettable party and enjoy the end of year! Also, have a look at our previous posts about learning through jokes and games and Phonics tests for KS1 Kids

The end of year party in school is one of the most important moments for everyone from teachers, education assistants, to the children and their parents. It marks the passage of another cycle of our little ones, and this is reason enough to celebrate.End of year festival at school

However, this party is not as simple such as organizing birthday parties. We are speaking of many tens or even hundreds of children together at the same time in the same space. In addition, we still have the parents of the children who come to the party too. And for that same reason, the organization must be exemplary!

End of year festivals at school: Planning and Organizing


To organize End of year festivals at school, first we need to get an authorization. In the case of a party been organized by the school, you do not need to have it.

But if they are students or parents to take the initiative, it is important to speak with the coordination of school, mark the date and time, and report all the party steps.

Who is organizing

Regardless of who is organizing End of year festivals at school, the ideal is that the festival is organized by a small group obviously composed of responsible and reliable persons.

This prevents too many different opinions and misunderstandings, so common in large groups.End of year festivals at school tips

The party theme

All parties have a theme, and even if it is the end of year party, this theme alone is not enough. Think of something unusual, and that suits the tastes of children.

Having a specific theme will also help the party decoration because you will know exactly what to do.
You can ask students to give suggestions a few weeks before. This will let them super excited about the party, and this is a point in our favor.


  • “Black and white”
  • “Disney”
  • “Hawaii”
  • “Sleepover”

organizing End of year festivals at schoolDecoration

The decoration of the End of year festivals at school is not cheap, but we can use some materials that are better into account. Find the places where you get cheaper items for decoration (divide between you, the organization, the items for the search to be easier).

You can make a public collection through the rooms, or write to the parents of children to give some money to the party.

Food & Drink

The idea is that each child brings a small plate of food at the party, almost as if it were the entrance ticket. If you want, you can make a list of the foods and drinks you want at the party, and then divide by children to avoid having a lot of chips and have no patty.

Hope I have helped you organizing your End of year festivals at school! Enjoy!

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