More Christmas original gifts kids

Christmas original gifts for kids

Are you looking for Christmas original gifts for kids? Are you tired of giving the same toys every Christmas to your kids? In this post you can find some original ideas to make your kid’s Christmas different this year. Take a look! 

Some ideas for Christmas original gifts for kids

Find the perfect gift for kids isn’t always so easy… The kids love toys and clothes but they also like original gifts that perpetuate in their memories. Find some Christmas original gifts for kids below: some Christmas original gifts for kids

Books are always a good option when you want to give something special to your child. Each one tells a different story that stays in the child’s memory. Beside books make them dream, they are an excellent way to improve your kid’s knowledge. It’s proved that children with reading habits have best results in the school. Christmas original gifts kids

Shows Tickets are good gifts, especially if your child is a little bit older. Music concerts, theatre plays, musicals, puppets… no matter what kind of show, the kids love them all. Choose one really amusing and you don’t regret! You have many offers in the Christmas season so search one the whole family will like! more Christmas original gifts for kids

Zoo Tickets? Why not? The kids hallucinate with dolphins show, monkeys, elephants and all the other animals. For sure this is Christmas original gifts for kids! 

A Musical Instrument can be a perfect Christmas present especially if your child loves music. Learning music is very important to children’s development. It helps in memorization, concentration, creativity and in development of the five senses. Music learning and reading habits are very important if you want your child stands out from the other at school. Have a look to this christmas songs for kids Christmas original gifts

Christmas original gifts for kids that you can do

Felt/ Crochet PurseChristmas gifts for kids

The girls love all the things that can make them feel like their mums. Buy some felt in the colour of your purse, take a needle and thread and then start your Christmas original gifts for kids

Necklace and braceletsChristmas gifts kids

It is so easy to pleasant girls. A beautiful necklace and a bracelet can let your daughter feels like a real princess. Pick up some seed beads and make one brilliant necklace to her!

More Christmas original gifts kidsTeddy Bear 

Have you a knack for dressmaking? Choose an old cloth and try to do a Teddy Bear. I ensure you that your little one will not leave it even for one second!

Foldable Car Caddy

Do your little boy spills all the cars in the whole house? If the answer is yes, then I have the perfect gift for you both. A Foldable Car Caddy that can be made by yourself. Choose some tissue and sew some pockets on it. You can also sew a ribbon in order to your little boy can use it on the neck. Isn’t it a Christmas original gifts for kids? 

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