Choosing after school clubs for your kids staff

Choosing After School Clubs for your Kids

Choosing After School Clubs for your Kids can be very challenging mainly if you want them to be the best of all! It’s very important that your kids spend their time with quality and there are many activities that can help in their development. But don’t forget that your kids need some free time to play and rest. 

Choosing After School Clubs for your Kids: How to choose the best one?

There are numerous offer of school clubs and you have to choose very carefully one that engages your kids for they have the best results they can.

Clubs can help your child in many Choosing after school clubs for your kids todayaspects such as social skills, behavioural skills, Self-Esteem or Awareness, and Cognitive skills. But you only get this advantages if the clubs is appropriate for your kids. Let’s check some important things to take into account when you are Choosing after school clubs for your kids.


After School Clubs should be registered with Ofsted.It’s compulsory for the most of these clubs, unless they only open for less than 2 hours.

If the club has Ofsted registration we know that Choosing after school clubs your kidsprobably it has the appropriate standards of care and qualified staff. You can also reclaim some childcare costs if you are eligible for WTC and if your employer provides childcare vouchers you can use these to pay in these clubs. This can be very helpful when you are Choosing after school clubs for your kids.


Take a visit to your chosen clubs. Nothing better than feel and see by yourself. Usually the best After School Clubs be happy with prospecting parents.

When you get there you must pay attention to how staff interact with the children and how the children talk to them. Choosing after school clubs for your kids staff

You should also pay attention how children interact to each other. We know how it is important to make our kids happiness.

Check for the range of activities the club offers you and if it has indoor and outdoor spaces.

Try to have a chat with the manager or supervisor to know everything that you need (procedures for registration, fees, etc).

FEEDBACKChoosing after school clubs for kids

It’s very helpful when you are choosing after school clubs for your kids because you can evaluate the results of other children.


Choosing After School Clubs for your Kids: What about some after school activities?

First of all congratulations for you are searching for the best to your kids. We know that choosing after school activities is not an easy job, so we are here to help up. Beside Choosing After School Clubs for your kids you may also see some other activities that can help them to be great!

Choosing after school club for your kidsThere are so many options that you may not be sure about what to pick. From music lessons and sport, to clubs and hobbies, there are numerous offers. So, the first thing you have to do is to know if you are going to pick the activities by yourself, or if you going to ask your kid’s opinion.

Then you need to think in how much time do you want your kids be in after schools activities. Don’t forget to plan it according to their schedule. They need time to do homework and get enough sleep, so you must organize their agenda very carefully.

The best way for Choosing after school clubs for your kids is making a list of options and encourage them to choose the one they think will be fun.

Choosing After School Clubs for your Kids: What type of activities is the best for them?

No matter what kind of activity it is, the most important is that this one interests your kids. Don’t dismiss your kid’s opinion, listen to them!

  • Try some TRIAL CLASSES! They are a great way to find out the best activities for your kids. They can participate and who knows if they find a special skill!
  • You may ask for your kid’s paediatrician or your child’s teacher. They can help you suggesting a specific activity for a certain reason.

You must consider your children strengths and weaknesses. Choosing After School Clubs for your kids and out of school activities are the best way to address your child’s skills and minimize their weaknesses. Choosing after school clubs for your kids team sports


It’s great helping in development of your kid’s attention beside it is great to gross motor skills, social skills and behaviour (it teaches e.g. discipline, anger management and impulse control). Choosing after school clubs for your kids individual sports


It has all the advantages that has been said above excepting social skills that in this case it only offers in competitive individual sports.

CLASSESChoosing after school clubs for your kids music

You have cooking, art, music, drama… well, a lot of classes that your kids may like to participate. They help them to pay more attention and develop fine motor skills. Some activities, like music, can also improve their cognitive skills (maths, learning), stimulate self-esteem and a good behaviour.

Beside all of this, arts can be therapeutic. If you have a child with some behaviour or psychological problems you can ask for counselling services and register him on artistic activities.

No matter why you are going to register your kids into these clubs. The important is to be very carefully on Choosing after school clubs for your kids and ensure it is the best of all!

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