The best apps to learn maths

Find the best apps to learn maths here and forget the headaches that maths always brings to you! Now your job will become much easier! Have a look! Also, see our previous posts, such as how to teach children to use the internet and learning through jokes and games. They can help you too! Now, let’s confront maths! 

Now math can become much easier with the help of some applications that have been shown to be quite useful for students.

If you, or your child, trembling at the thought of mathematics, exchange math class for an hour having fun with applications on your phone, then this post is for you! See the best apps to learn maths!

The best apps to learn maths having fun


Joining learning with fun is not impossible. In fact, several apps have emerged in order to help students overcome their doubts in school, regardless of their age.

There are apps for English, mathematics, history, natural science, among other subjects, from the first to the last school year. So, just take a little time in the Play Store by searching for some apps that you are missing.

But for now, let’s look at the best apps to learn maths.the best apps to learn maths for kids

MyScript Calculator

With this app, students can write mathematical problems with their own handwriting. Is not it awesome? After writing the problem, the application gives the answer as a part of an equation in real time. Thus, students identify their mistakes without having to start the equation from the beginning.

Sushi Monster

This app is a game that allows students to practice maths because it encourages them to build strategies involving multiplication and addition! This is a great way to stimulate the apprenticeship of mathematics, building a solid foundation in basic operations.

I am sure that your child will love this app!

Fractions Basic

Fractions are a major concern among students. In fact, many of them do not understand this matter, either by not understand what is a fraction, not knowing what they represent, either by not knowing to do calculations including them.

With this app, it stimulates learning of fractions since it asks students to solve basic problems involving fractions. So you have the content much easier!best-apps-to-learn-maths


Here you have several simple summaries of each subject matter from the beginning, as the properties of operations, arithmetic, to more complex issues, such as trigonometry, spatial geometry, or flat geometry.

Although some of the summaries are only available for a paid version, the free version allows you to study various subjects, which already gives you a great help!

One of the best apps to learn maths!


This app is an account generator. It is perfect for those looking to be a playmaker in basic arithmetic! It generates simple operations such as multiplication, addition, or potentiation, but also complex operations such as equations with fractions, roots and powers.

This application is perfect to develop the ability to solve operations.

Have a look at each app and find the best one for you. I am sure you will love the best apps to learn maths!

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