aims key stage 1 year

Aims of Key Stage 1 year

In this post, we are going to talk about the aims of Key Stage 1 year. Children around a year start at this point to take the first steps, first words, is a joy to parents. They also start speaking, eating food, and lots of other things. So, let’s take a look at every stage in detail! 

The main aims of Key Stage 1 year

One of the main aims of key stage 1 year is starting to speak.

About speaking: the more the child is encouraged to talk, move around and find out, the greater the development of the brain and coordinating their movements.

The vocabulary of your child probably limited to a few words besides “mama”, “dada” and “give.” At this age, your baby can answer simple questions, especially if you give clues and make gestures.

Ask, for example, “nose” and point to it. Your child is likely to respond. Arise also started.

aims of key stage 1 year walkAnother of the main aims of key stage 1 year is walk.

Despite falling many times, will continue as a willingness to learn. The child will smile with one floor a little off balance, stepping and another to meet the parents to be able to embrace them.

Parents are the happiest and proud of their son. Everything turns around the child.

aims of key stage 1 year eatOne of the aims of key stage 1 year is eating the first meal.

Also, at this time they begin to eat the first meal, by the hand, with the spoon. Have fun too, with the first games with the spoon, leading to reap the mouth, making Joker, laying the food out, the first flavors, sweet, bitter.

Get to know the taste of vegetables, meat and spices. Parents always attentive to his son’s discovery. Everything is new.

They are discovering the first steps to life. Came the first play, how to cast, push, throw everything on the floor, like games thatinvolve taking parts from one place and put in another.

Pots pans are used to play a sound. Are the first constructions by placing a piece on aims of key stage 1 year playothers who then throws it all away, revealing in what he’s doing.

Playing with the child helps develop a child’s ability to interact with others. Comes the first discoveries of objects you see and handle. Catch everything you see. It takes all the mouth. Balls, shoes, magazines is a breakthrough for life.

It’s important that you know that one of the aims of key stage 1 year is to kids unsderstand they need to obey orders.

It is true that, at this age, the child begins to aims key stage 1 yearunderstand some orders to give him, as it does not, let the street. Usually only obeys when interested in doing what is asked.

When you cannot do something, sometimes it makes tantrum, cry and throw with the stuff on the floor.

At this age, the child uses and explores the household objects. And that’s another aims of key stage 1 year.  She wants to do things themselves, as well as up and down of dangerous places, put your finger in an electrical outlet, put in your mouth what is in the house, put plastic bags over their heads.

At this stage, the child may also show some fears of strangers, noises, animals. If this happens to try to understand the child, if you have animals like to do parties, show that does not have to have no fear, playing with her giving him to understand that will not succeed.

Do you are ready for all the aims of key stage 1 year child?

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