Preparing for your SATs

When you are Preparing for your SATs, you need to pay attention to a few things. We are going to give you the Top 6 ways to prepare for them so you succeed! Don’t forget to read also our previous posts about half term workshops for kids in West London and the best languages to learn at school. I am sure they can help you too!  Continúa leyendo Preparing for your SATs

Teaching kids to eat at school

It’s very important Teaching kids to eat at school. When children enter school and find themselves free to choose what to eat, often end up feeding incorrectly. But you can avoid this by following some of our suggestions. Read on and find how to teach them to eat healthy at school. Also, have a look at our previous post about Choosing after School Clubs for your kids and Getting a place for Reception YearContinúa leyendo Teaching kids to eat at school

Best languages to learn at school

Do you know which are the Best languages to learn at school? Choosing the right language to learn in school, in addition to our mother tongue, of course, can be crucial to our success as professionals. Although English is spoken around the world these days, it is not enough for those who want to communicate in all workplaces (particularly in sectors such as tourism or international trade). So that your child gets more benefits, read our previous articles on After school clubs for kids and Getting a place for Reception Year Continúa leyendo Best languages to learn at school

Bank holiday activities for kids

There are lots of Bank holiday activities for kids this year. Apart the events especially planned for the occasion, you can also enjoy some others, like a visit to the tower of London or enjoy half term workshops for kids. Don’t forget to do something different with your little ones. These days are important to straight ties with your kids, and I assure you they will never forget these days spend with you!  Continúa leyendo Bank holiday activities for kids